Our Masterchef Francesco Di Rosa

Francesco Di Rosa-The art of Neapolitan bakery

Francesco Di Rosa was born in the beautiful city of Naples, the 17th January 1980. When Francesco was 2 years old, his father Vincenzo started a new activity: Pasticceria Di Rosa. For circa 20 years, Vincenzo has next to him his son, between production and recipes, who, like the father, has embraced the passion and the love for this job. The bakery, managed together his family, became during years a landmark for the sweet taste lovers. 

Francesco engaged in culinary preparation.

Growth and dedication

When he was 8 years old, he was already entered in Di Rosa team, helping, when he could, his father.

During years he has attended many refresher courses and professional education. He availed itself of avant-guarde techniques, making changes to working systems.

After he graduated at 19 years old at Commercial Technical Institute, he served one's time, without ever forgetting about its own company, helping with the production.

The professional perseverance

When he finisched the military service, Francesco start a road uphill, dedicating its own entire life to job and acting avant-guarde working systems, facing up massive desserts production.

At the age of 26, he is getting married with his wife, Lisa, who takes care of the administration, packaging and exposition of products.

Our Masterchef Francesco Di Rosa

The entrepreneurial evolution

By virtue of its own working experience, today the Bakery is equipped with process which have been made more modern. It's known all over Europe and abroad. This happened by virtue of its own mental spread, acquired by many refresher courses he attended.

The Red Cake take-off

He went further of innovation, when he adapted the typical american cake, Red Velvet, by changing its name in Red Cake, customizing it. Today this cake it's known all over Campania, where the Bakery lies. 

It was born from the best strategies: innovation.

The passion for mother yeast

The matter belonging to bakery world that affascinating him the most, it's the mother yeast. He learned to manipulate it, spending night and day for working with lievened pastries, such as Colomba and Panettone.

In 2017 the bakery reached records concerning the lievened doughs production.

In the same year he arrived in the top 5 in a lievened dough competition, "Panettone Day" which took place in Milano, Italy.

Our Masterchef Francesco Di Rosa

The simplicity of taste

Another boutonnière it's the Biscociok, which takes advantages of its simply taste. It's appreciated from children and adults. The same success it happened with other kind of biscuits, like Girelle, shortcrust pastry filled of chocolate and like fruit biscuit called Cuore di... (Heart of...depending on flavour).


During years he avail oneself of marketing concepts, with the assistance of his working collaborator, Giuseppe Di Leva.

Being partnership lover, he made many cooperations with famous italian pastry chef, such as Emilio il Pasticciere, with restaurant and pizza-restaurants, such as Valentino Libro's. He cooperated also with other companies producing new cakes, such as the neapolitan cofee company.  

Professional updating

He attended at a concourse organized by the producer italian company Saima, in cooperation with Callebaut chocolate-producer company, the "Callebaut Academy". He also cooperated with the italian pastry chef Davide Comaschi.

He also attended refresher courses about the administration and management of staff, to manage the bakery with high competences capabilities.