Caprese Cake

Torta caprese is a traditional Italian chocolate and almond or walnut cake named for the island of Capri from which it originates.

Many variations of this cake are made, but the basic recipe is to mix softened butter at room temperature with sugar; egg yolks are then added, and once combined, the remaining ingredients are added: finely minced almonds, chocolate melted via bain-marie, and whipped egg whites. After baking, the cake has a thin hard shell covering a moist interior. It is usually covered with a light dusting of fine powdered sugar. It is sometimes made with a small amount of Strega or other liqueur.

Typical cake, of the Capri island


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0,48 kg 

Sales name: Frozen Product 

Trading name : Typical cake of the capri island  the 

Caprese is covered with chocolate, 

Ingredients:Flour-Sugar,Lard,Eggs, Cottage cheese 

Baked wheat,Natural flavors (Vanilla in berries) 

Milk and Candied orange 

Allergens Gluten (Wheat, flour) Eggs, Milk

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