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Pasticceria Di Rosa

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Pasticceria Di Rosa


Vincenzo Di Rosa was born in Villaricca (Naples) in 1956. 

After a long apprenticeship, in 1982 he inaugurates his Bakery shop. 

Since 20 years or so, Vincenzo has next to him his son Francesco, every day, between preparation and production, who embraced the love and the passion for this vocation, like his father. The bakery, managed together his family for years with devotion and hard work, during years became a landmark for the good taste lovers. Actually, Di Rosa’s Bakery is known all over Italy, not only for its artisanal ability, but also because it makes use of modern and avant-garde techniques, offering at every taste singular experiences. Today they are used modern techinques for product tracking, in order to guarantee safety and quality. Di Rosa’s Bakery, in fact, it’s a successful reality leader in the confectionery market, equipped with professional team, with refined recipes during years and with the passion that always distinguishes it. So much has been done and a lot will be done, with the constant reasearch of raw material chosen in order to guarantee new emotions for those who tastes the products.

To pleasure with the flavour, one among our five senses and to imagine to give away a second of pure pleasure. We produce for the flavour to pleasure with the assurance thatif you taste our products, you will not able to resist to purchase other ones. 



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Corso Campano, 546

80014 Giugliano in Campania (NA)  - Italia

Tel.: +39 081 8943677  Fax: +39 081 8943677

e-mail: dirosa-francesco@virgilio.it



Siti internet: pasticceriadirosa.it




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